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  BMSL value basis

BMSL rests on a strong value system, common to the children, personnel and parents. The basic values define a specific set of desired behaviours as well as fundamental perceptions which act as a basis for these behaviours. Parents and staff are role models for children but specific activities are also planned in the student groups and among the personnel to highlight these values. These activities can take place in the form of role-play, discussions and many other forms and are used to prevent bullying and other undesirable behaviours.

One of the goals of the basic values is that they be applicable for children/students, teachers and parents. A second goal is that they should feel so right and natural that one does not need to think consciously of them.

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The 10 values of BMSL.

I trust my own judgement enough to decide for myself.

I welcome and respect variations in opinions, personality, culture, nationality, life perspective and religion.

I am responsible for my current and future situation and can shape it.

I feel strong when I can help and give to others.

I don’t want pride and prejudice to prevent my objectivity.

I want to feel proud about myself and the structure to which I belong.

I want others to feel they can trust my commitment and loyalty.

I do myself a favour when I am proactive with my engagements.

What I know about myself counts more than what others think.

I am strong if I can develop myself without creating disadvantages for others.
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